Parenting is hard enough, but you understand how parenting a teen can be especially challenging. Most parents notice a gradual shift in their kid's willingness to confide in them. This is a natural part of growing up, as kids build autonomy and become their own person. This takes some adjusting for everyone, and I can provide some guidance.

Why is this so hard?!

You're spinning your wheels, you've tried everything. Giving space, being available, being strict, being flexible. You feel a twinge of pain every time your teen slams the door or is caught in a lie. When kids are suffering, they tell us with their actions. You know there is something wrong, but just not sure what to do.


Along with their own therapy, you and your kid may just need help learning to communicate in a new way. Navigating healthy boundaries for both of you can be tricky and complicated. Let me help. I can provide your teen with support while helping you both connect again. Learn more about me and my qualifications or read frequently asked questions