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You're constantly feeling pressure to perform. Peers or coworkers can make you feel like you just can't measure up. It seems like no matter what you do, you feel rejected, inadequate, or misunderstood. Most of the time, you're worried that you'll make a mistake or do something embarrassing, so it's just easier to hide and blend in. 

Low self-esteem is usually centered around an

overwhelming feeling of shame.


It takes the form of unhelpful, negative thinking. I can help you not only change these automatic thoughts, but feel better about yourself as a result. Imagine finally feeling OK with yourself, instead of comparing yourself to others. 

I get you.


It doesn't matter what others say to cheer you up or remind you of all your positive qualities. You don't believe them yourself. I can help you find out why and build self-confidence so that you no longer have to suffer with this feeling of worthlessness. Schedule a no-obligation phone chat with me so we can talk more about this and how I can help you.

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