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You might be experiencing problems relating to family members, or even confusion related to the coming out process. Whatever stage you're at, I affirm the value and uniqueness of all of my clients. I can help you navigate new or ongoing issues while developing healthy boundaries and communication, including how to feel empowered and advocate for yourself. My top priority is your safety, and exploring ways to find congruence in your life. 


You deserve happiness, even though it might seem impossible to get there. All you can feel right now is an intensely painful feeling that you are flawed.

That, my friend, is what we call, shame. 


You don't need to walk around with all that, it gets heavy, and hard to move after a while. I can help you turn that shame into self-acceptance. You can actually start making goals, and reaching them. Wherever you want therapy to take you, you won't be alone. Are you ready? You can schedule a time to chat with me for free over the phone by clicking here. I want to hear your story.

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