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Believe it or not, having some anxiety is actually a normal function of the brain and it means that it's working to help us function. However, anxiety can grow quickly and begin to consume areas of our lives.


This is when you should get help.

To someone on the outside, having anxiety can appear lazy or unmotivated, but to you, you're just feeling so overwhelmed and stressed that you can barely complete simple tasks. It's hard enough to understand what you're feeling, talking about it or asking for help can seem impossible. 

All of this stress and pressure is building up and you feel like you're quickly spiraling toward depression. It's important to understand that feeling sad is a normal human function, but just like anxiety, it can become severe and impact daily life. It can affect your sleep, appetite, energy and make it hard to focus on other things, make decisions, or engage with friends or family. 

Let me help with that. I get it. You can be yourself and talk about what's really going on without feeling like you have to hold something back.

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